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Phineas’ Friends – iBook

Phineas' Friends book cover
Phineas’ Friends iBook edition for the iPad. ISBN: 978-0-9567653-1-4 Published by Blue Filter

When I set out to document this story I had two objectives. The first was to raise the profile of the Evelina Children’s Hospital, the second was to endeavour to raise some money for it.

It was one of the nurses on Beach Ward, Fatima Meho, who said “no one ever writes about us,” when I showed her an article in the Sunday Times Magazine from that week. It was an article about a patient on the renal ward (which coincidentally is what Beach Ward is at ECH) at Great Ormond Street. I asked Fatima what the difference was between Great Ormond Street and the Evelina. Her reply was that there was no difference apart from the fact that Great Ormond Street is much better known, and therefore gets a lot more press and as a result raises much more money.

Phineas' Friends shortlisted in PBN 2011

As a photographer I can take pictures and hope to get them published to make people aware of a story. But raising money requires people to dig into their pockets, and while it’s nice to give to a worthy cause, it is also nice to get something else in return. To answer that need, I have published an iPad/iPhone edition of Phineas’ Friends which you can order here.

Phineas' Friends iBook Edition for the iPad

The beauty of the iPad option is that there is very little cost associated with it (unlike a conventional book) and as a result at least £3.20 from every copy sold can go to the Evelina. Phineas’ Friends was shortlisted in the 2011 Photography Book Now Awards, and was a People’s Choice Nominee. For the price of a coffee you can help this wonderful hospital, and view the whole story whenever you want. Please buy a copy and encourage all your iPad owning friends to buy it too. Thank you.



An iPad edition of Phineas’ Friends is available to buy here for £3.99, with all the profits going to the Evelina Children’s Hospital

Phineas' Friends - iBook edition for iPad and iPhone. 978-0-9567653-1-4

PLEASE NOTE: This edition has been designed and optimised for the Apple iPad and iPhone. After purchase you will be sent the epub file by email. Download the file onto your iPad or iPhone and import into iBooks. This epub file is not guaranteed to work correctly on other devices.