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Getting noticed

For various reasons I have not seen fit yet to launch this blog (soapbox/diatribe) on an unsuspecting world. While preparing for the launch – you might say we are at the T-9 hold if you are into space related things (I am) – I have been ironing out various things that I felt needed addressing, and one of them is to do with SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Afterall, its all very well having great imagery, or something pertinent to say, but not much use if no one is ever going to see it.

One thing I have come across is the wealth of information on this from the good people at Photoshelter, in particular their SEO Cookbook and supplement, both of which are worth reading and taking on board – I know I will be.

Also of huge value is the video they have put together looking at what clients want from photographers’ websites. They make the very valid point that most photographers design their sites for other photographers; perhaps that’s why the industry is in the parlous state that my previous posts suggests! It’s not all bad news though. The video is an hour long (and no pictures) but it is worth every minute.

Photographer Websites: What Buyers Want 2009 from on Vimeo.

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  1. Daniel
    Daniel June 24, 2009

    Agreed, it’s a great video. I’m currently getting my main portfolio site redesigned and have adopted some of the points in the video.

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