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Simon Robert’s latest work continues to attract fans around the world. To update his own posts on the glowing reviews that have marked We English out as one of the books of the year Photo Eye have just published their review of the best photo books of 2009, and We English makes it into the top 10 of three different reviewers: Martin Parr, Andrew Phelps, and Marco Delogu.

However, not all his reviews have been so glowing. “Bollos” on Amazon said it was rubbish, adding, “don’t bother, full of stunningly boring pictures. pretension (sic) title, very poorly executed. mine’s going to the charity shop.” To which a Mr Tim Morris responded: “Please tell me which charity shop your (sic) sending this brilliant piece of work to, I would love to have it, and any over (sic) items that you don’t understand.” All of “Bollos’” other reviews are on bits of IT equipment, so I’m not entirely sure what he was expecting to find in a large format book of photographs entitled We English, but I would not be at all surprised to find he supports a very national British political party, and never bothered to look through the book prior to purchase.

Still, Simon, if success is measured by being either loved or loathed, there appear to be no middlemen for you.

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